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Children & Youth

Children & Youth

Dear Friends,

When we were looking for information to give you in this section we came across a web site that was fantastic. It made no sense to duplicate that site so we are going to suggest you visit more about mental health. The web site describes itself in the following way:

We invite you to meet people just like you, who may be struggling and coping with the challenges in their lives.

This is a place,

  • where you can think something new and do something new,
  • where you can get what you need to help yourself and help your friends.

This is a place to get unstuck!

In this community you will find everyday heroes, celebrities and musicians sharing their stories along with a toolbox to help you handle stress and resources when nothing else seems to work. There you'll have the opportunity to talk to the community about how you cope through tough times. Sharing your experiences may inspire someone to change the course of their lives.

Mend The Mind Postcard Campaign

Mend The Mind Postcards

These anonymously submitted postcards share stories of how how mental illness, and the stigma associated with it, has affected individuals throughout the Niagara region. Whether you are the mother, brother, aunt or husband of someone with a mental illness, or someone who has been personally affected, you all have a story. This is your voice.

To learn how to submit your own postcard click here or check out our postcard gallery to see them all.

Pathstone Services

If you want to get help from Pathstone call Contact Niagara for a direct referral to Pathstone: 905-684-3407

If you are in Crisis and need help immediately call, any time (24/7) - 1-800-263-4944

For information about the stigma associated with mental health visit check out


Children’s Mental Health Ontario has created resources about mental health specifically for youth. If you look-up the meaning of 'mental health' online, you'll find literally hundreds of definitions - from researchers to experts, from scholars to philosophers - everyone has an opinion on the meaning of 'mental health'. But no single definition can possibly capture everyone's perspective. Even the World Health Organization acknowledges that "from a cross-cultural perspective, it is nearly impossible to define mental health comprehensively."

What's common to many definitions is that mental health isn't just about the absence of mental health disorders; and it's not about being happy all of the time. More can be found at the Children's Mental Health Ontario site


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