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What must I do once my lawyer refers me for Parent and Child Reconciliation Counselling?

Your lawyer will notify you once he or she has sent the necessary information to Pathstone. It is then your responsibility to contact us to make arrangements to pay your share of the retainer (sometimes your lawyer will facilitate this). A first appointment will not be scheduled until all of the information is received and the retainer is paid in full.

Pathstone will also need you to sign our ”Memorandum of Agreement for Service“. You can go through it with your lawyer, sign it in his or her office, and have him or her send it to us, or you can call Pathstone to make arrangements to sign it here. You will also be asked to sign consent forms for the counsellors to speak with your lawyer. Your lawyer is an important partner in the process, and will be updated on the progress of the counselling on a regular basis.