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DIY Event Kit

Welcome and thank you for your interest in helping Pathstone Foundation. Your support goes a long way in helping us provide critical care to children and youth in Niagara with mental illness.

Organizing your own special event is a great way to do something you enjoy, build community and corporate spirit and raise awareness and much needed funds for a great local cause.

There are countless ways to get involved. We’ve created two DIY Toolkits to help you brainstorm, plan and execute your own fundraising event in support of Pathstone Foundation;

Third Party Fundraising Toolkit – Community Engagement 

Choose Your Adventure Toolkit - Corporate Engagement 

If you register with us, we will be there to help you reach your goals.

Click HERE for your application, which are also included in the Toolkits.

On behalf of the more than 7,000 children and youth we will help this year, THANK YOU!

Your Next Step

The majority of our services are offered FREE of charge to the children, youth, and families of Niagara. To access the above mentioned services or to inquire about the appropriate service for you, please call: