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Pathstone Children's Mental Health Research Institute

One in five (1 in 5) children and youth are faced with mental health challenges yet there is minimal research into children's mental health. One in five (1 in 5) adults have mental challenges yet the link between mental health in children and adults is also under researched. The stigma related to mental illness is a significant barrier to families in asking for help when their children or adult members are struggling with mental health challenges. Early intervention has a tremendous impact on children who are dealing with mental health challenges but there are few ongoing research projects into early intervention treatment methodologies.

One in five (1 in 5) children and youth are faced with mental health challenges

Only 4% of all medical research is focused on mental health; and only a small fraction of that amount is spent on children's mental health research. As well, funding for research into children's and adult mental health is a tiny fraction of that raised for cancer research, yet mental illness has a devastating impact on the lives of children, their families and adults – mental illness costs the Canadian economy $51 billion a year.

Therefore Pathstone Mental Health has established the Pathstone Children's Mental Health Research Institute to pursue children's mental health research. The Pathstone Foundation will support the Pathstone Mental Health Institute through fund raising initiatives.

The Institute has been established to create:

  • an environment that stimulates inter-disciplinary research into mental health to address the issues of stigma, prevention, early intervention and innovative treatment methodologies;
  • training opportunities for post secondary students; and
  • a mental health setting where innovative early intervention and treatment programs can be developed, pilot tested and evaluated.