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Current Projects

This pilot research project is an initiative between three ministries (MCYS, Education, and Ministry of Health and Long Term Care). Pathstone Mental Health has been chosen as a pilot site. The purpose is to investigate in-depth the decision making processes, and tools that support child- and youth-serving professionals to better understand, effectively identify and appropriately respond to child and youth mental health concerns.

In a four-year evaluation of the NCYS' sexual treatment program (1999-2003) it was found that 85% of adolescents that completed treatment did not reoffend two years post discharge. The sample size was greater than 350. The study found that 295 had not reoffended, 26 could not be located, and 32 had reoffended.

This study has been undertaken with Brock Developmental Neuroscience and Neuropsychology as the lead investigator and was used as partial fulfillment for a graduate thesis. It will also serve as an original piece of research that will be included as a much larger longitudinal study.

Over the past year, the staff have been provided with training by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton on both the child and the parent components of the Incredible Years® program, which is an evidence-based program. Rigorous readiness assessments, followed by staff training and videotaping of the Prevention and full treatment program models of the program as they are offered by the staff and subsequent review of the videos by Dr. Webster-Stratton have ensured fidelity with the program.