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The Solution

This pro-active plan for our community includes building a state-of-the-art treatment facility to expand and enhance treatment capacity.  This increased space will also provide a sustainable revenue stream to ensure long-term financial stability while Mending Children’s Minds.  Revenue will be generated through leased space in the community wing which will make it possible to significantly shorten or eliminate our wait lists and allow struggling children to receive desperately needed treatment.  Our innate entrepreneurial spirit shines like hope in an organization that refuses to operate in deficit.  We have embraced our challenge!

After careful consideration and study, it is obvious that Pathstone must invest in owned property rather than continuing to spend valuable resources on leasing someone else’s property.  To propel this plan from vision to reality, and to better meet our children’s mental health needs, our community needs a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art treatment facility with capacity to accommodate the following:

·         More individual, group, and family counselling rooms to allow more children, youth and families to receive the diverse treatment they desperately need;

·         Education and Training Centre for mental health practitioners in college and university programs who are interning at Pathstone, for physician and nursing interns from McMaster deGroote School of Medicine, and for Pathstone staff to conduct mental health training for other community agencies;

·         Pathstone’s Children’s Mental Health Research Institute, the only children’s mental health research institute in Canada dedicated to neurological and genetic research into mental illness;

·         Conference/Meeting Rooms for Pathstone and its partner agencies to conduct planning, advisory and coordination meetings, community workshops, and annual general meetings;

·         Reception area for both wings designed by Smilezone Foundation to enhance the experience for children and youth;

·         Community wing to allow other community agencies to co-locate with Pathstone to take advantage of lower costs due to shared communal meeting rooms,                   Board Room, staff room, office supports, printers, internet connections, etc.;

·         Specially designed treatment rooms to meet the individual requirements of youngsters with unique needs (e.g. Art Therapy, Play Therapy, etc.);

·         Family and Community Library for use by clients, partners, students and staff and volunteers;

·         Increased sustainable funding generated by leasing space to family physicians and other community agencies.

·         Volunteer Centre to support our growing pool of dedicated volunteers;

.         Room layout, lighting, colour schemes, building materials all specially chosen to make treatment more effective and less stressful for children and families.