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Mental Health

What is a mental health problem?

Mental health problems or disorders can be caused by biology, environment, or a combination of both. Whether the cause is genetic, a chemical imbalance in the body, or environmental such as the loss of a loved one, a head injury or exposure to violence, the problems are real and painful. Early identification, diagnosis, and treatment can ease the burden and improve life for children.

What is a mental health problem?

ONE IN FIVE CHILDREN AND YOUTH CARRY THE BURDEN of a diagnosable mental health disorder, over 18,000 children and youth in Niagara. They are trying to cope with daily living in school, on the playground, and in their families. 

Although vulnerable, children and youth have an inherent ability to bounce back. We can build on that resiliency.

How would I know if my child was suffering from a mental health problem?

  • Frequent outbursts of anger and rage
  • Excessive fears
  • Shy, withdrawn, depressed
  • Impulsive, reckless
  • Excessive drug and alcohol use
  • Rebelling against authority
  • Obsessed with their weight
  • Attempting to injure themselves

You and your child are not alone!

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