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How YOU can become a Pathstone Protector

Join us in the garden … and become a permanent part of a child’s path to recovery.

With project development beginning this September, our Natural Playground and Healing Garden will be a supportive and engaging place for children to play, learn, create, share and discover all that nature has to offer.

Clients of Pathstone will be able to spend time on our sideways trees, get messy in our mud kitchen, make music in the soundscapes space or catch up with someone in the bird’s nest. This outdoor space will also become a destination for group and one-on-one therapy.

YOU can help ensure this place of healing continues to be preserved for children and families in Niagara for years to come.

Starting at $500, a stone will be engraved with your name, your family name or your company name. 

Stone Engraving

Engraved Stones

Stone Sizes:

8 x 6 ½” = $500 - $1000 donation

12 x 7 ¾’ = $1,001 and up

How many characters per line will fit onto a brick?

8 x 6 ½”  - 18 Characters per line, 2 lines max

12 x 7 ¾” - 18 Characters per line, 4 lines max

How bricks many are available?

There are up to 300 naming opportunities, the deadline to order is October 26th, 2018

There are 300 naming opportunities, the deadline to order is October 26, 2018

Become a Pathstone Protector, click here HERE to find out more

Other ways you can help

Send this to friends, family and Pathstone supporters. Look for us on Social Media and SHARE, LIKE & RETWEET/ REPOST.

As always, thanks for your support!

Kim & Michelle

Pathstone Foundation