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CARE-ing (Creating A Rejuvenating Environment) For the Caregiver

In the midst of the busy-ness of caring a child with a mental health issue, many caregivers neglect their own needs. Self-care has proven benefits, not only for caregivers but children as well.  Even when the stressful circumstances themselves cannot be changed, the ability to tackle the day-to-day challenges begins to feel more feasible. Parents are able to begin afresh, renewed, and with a more positive outlook. 

This 2-part clinic will consist of two, 2 hour sessions and will involve a combination of informal discussion and hands-on activities that will allow parents to experience for themselves how self care can nurture the body, mind and spirit. This workshop offers the following:

  • Recognizing the warning signs of burnout 
  • Information on community resources (ie respite and support groups)
  • Sharing self-care ideas that are quick, yet effective and involve little or no cost
  • Creative self awareness activities
  • Meditation/mindfulness exercise
  • Making a craft item to encourage caregivers to continue their practice of self care following the workshop. 

Fee: *This clinic is free of charge and open to all caregivers, male or female (parents, foster/adoptive parents, grandparents, family members or anyone caring for a child who is struggling with mental health). 

To Register or for more information on the next workshop, call Sheri at 905-688-6850 ext. 124

Workshop Leaflets: