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Crisis Services

Crisis Services

"Making the connection is only a phone call away."

Call 1-800-263-4944

24 hours per day; 7 days a week

Crisis Services is a mobile crisis intervention service providing immediate telephone counselling and, if necessary, on-site crisis intervention in the home, school, or other community location. It operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for children and youth up to the age of 18 and their families.  
Crisis Services staff may determine it is necessary to go out to a crisis situation after information is collected over the phone and an on-site intervention is assessed as appropriate. Often times families choose to meet with the Crisis staff at a Pathstone site which provides a neutral therapeutic setting with fewer distractions rather than the home. This is discussed with each caller and a plan identified that best suits the clients’ needs. Crisis Counsellors have access to follow up psychiatric consultation via Ontario Tele Medicine Network (OTN).
Crisis Stabilization sessions are for clients waiting for other Pathstone programs as sometimes situations arise that require a more immediate intervention and the client cannot wait. The team may meet with a family a number of times to prevent crisis situations worsening during the waiting period.
Crisis Services provides support to children and youth being discharged from hospital following a mental health crisis admission especially if the client and family are waiting to be connected to other community resources or treatment.
For safety reasons, Crisis Services will not go into violent situations where there is risk of client or staff harm. These situations require police involvement. If appropriate, intervention can occur after the violence has de-escalated in order to prevent an intensification of the crisis.
Each day Crisis Services receives reports about children and youth who have been in contact with emergency responders and they will follow up those reports and call the client or family to assist in advocating for treatment or resources and provide advice as to how to make referrals.
Crisis Bed: For situations where it is concluded that children over 9 and parents require a therapeutic break the crisis bed can be accessed typically for 48 hours. Crisis Services staff will determine if this resource is needed.