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High Risk Services

A specialized treatment service for the following:

  • inappropriate sexualized behaviours
  • youth who have been charged with a sexual offence
  • counselling for children and youth who have been sexually abused
  • fire-setting

All programs provided by High Risk Services are supported by psychiatric, psychological, and paediatric assessment and consultations to staff.

Arson Prevention Program (TAPP-C)

The Fire Involved Program is the mental health portion of The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C) as developed by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto. This program has been highly successful in preventing further incidents in young people with fire-setting behaviours. The program is available for children and youth prior to their 18th birthday. Fire-setting behaviours need to be treated very seriously as these behaviours can lead to severe property damage, injury, and even death. The Fire Involve Program primarily addresses these behaviours but also looks at other co-existing concerns as well.

High Risk Suicidal & High Risk of Violence

A program for youth that have been identified as being at an elevated risk to harm themselves or others. Often these youth are identified and referred to Pathstone by community partners including police, schools, hospitals, or child welfare. These youth are provided intensive individualized service designed to reduce the imminent risk they pose to themselves or others. Once risk has been reduced the youth is referred to a more appropriate and less intense service or program.

Sexual Treatment Outpatient Program (S.T.O.P.)

The Sexual Treatment Outpatient Program (S.T.O.P.) is a mental health treatment based program for children/youth over the age of twelve who are exhibiting sexual behaviour problems or have been charged with a sexual offence.

Research shows that the average age of a victim is slightly over four years of age and a child with sexualized behaviour problems will have 3.5 victims by the age of 10. Without behaviour specific treatment, these children/youth are at much greater risk to continue offending, often increasing the number of victims and the severity of the sexual offence.

The S.T.O.P. program has a proven success rate of over 90%. Great attention is paid to ensure extensive safety planning, comprehensive assessment, and high quality treatment in co-operation with professionals and agencies within Niagara and beyond. The sooner sexualized behaviour in children and youth is identified and treated, fewer victims will have to suffer significant trauma.

In a separate treatment program, S.T.O.P. also treats children and youth who have been victims of sexual assault/abuse.

STOP CD, Manual, and Training – see below 

The Program


Combined, the program therapists have more than 40 years of experience working with children and adolescents. They bring to the agency, and this treatment program, education and training in the fields of forensic social work, education, and psychology. They possess reputable credentials and consult regularly with an established network of professional colleagues throughout North America.


Treatment begins with a comprehensive risk assessment which includes evaluating cognitive abilities, emotional status, and behavioural characteristics. As part of the assessment process a thorough safety plan is completed. The safety plan may include strategies for parents, schools, and other areas in the child's life where there may be risk of further offending involved.

Pathstone Mental Health also offers support to schools, parents, and other agencies regarding prevention, assessment, and intervention.


Intervention begins following a thorough assessment and can include group, individual, and family counselling. As part of a treatment plan there may be a paediatric and psychiatric examination and consultation. If necessary, clients will be referred for addictions counselling. Either in conjunction with, or subsequent to counselling, several supplementary therapies including assertiveness training, social skills, self-esteem, and anger management are incorporated into the treatment plan.

Discharge occurs only when all treatment goals have been met. This treatment plan can take from 6 months up to 2 years to complete. The greatest success is achieved when all aspects of the treatment plan are followed.


Pathstone Mental Health can provide workshops and training that focuses on identifying concerning behaviours, developing community and home safety plans, and healthy relationships for each developmental stage. These workshops are relevant for school staff, home care providers, foster parents, day care providers, and residence staff.

STOP Manual & CD and Training

The Sexual Treatment Outpatient Program and High Risk Services utilizes a treatment text authored by Denise Evans and Bill Helmeczi. The text is a clinician's manual that details a cognitive behavioural approach to the treatment of children, 6-10, with sexualized behavioural problems and adolescents, 11-18, who have sexually offended. In the manual the authors, through a review of the literature, detail the scope of the problem on our society and our children and adolescents. The literature review addresses types of offending behaviours, profile of children and adolescents, and the most relevant treatment interventions.

There is also a section on appropriate assessment and assessment measures including sample assessment reports. A risk and treatment planning tool, CAUTION, developed by the authors is also included. This tool is based upon their own study of over 150 children who exhibited sexual behavioural problems.

The main focus of the manual is on group treatment. The treatment exercises incorporate a treatment CD developed by the authors and funded through a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The group exercises focus on offense and behaviour specific interventions, self-regulation skills, empathy training, and healthy relationships. Group work is seen as a powerful treatment modality that assists in assessing the focus of individual and family work that follows.

While there are no costs for the services, there is a cost for the STOP Manual & CD and for the Training:

STOP Manual & CD

  • $285.00


  • One-half day $275.00
  • Full day $500.00

To purchase or for more information on the STOP Manual & CD and/or the Training contact:

Bill at 905-688-6850, ext. 161 or Email